10 Fashionable Celebs who Are Avid Vapers

In recent years, many celebrities have decided to ditch cigarettes in favor of vaping. The most prominent example is none other than Hollywood superstar Jack Nicholson, who, after years of active smoking, has turned to e-cigarettes as the primary source of satiating his cravings. In addition, other notable examples include Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. So, if more and more celebrities are switching to vaping instead of smoking, and most of us know that these people have a team of advisors and assistants managing their everyday lives and closely watching over their health, then surely vaping is recommended rather than smoking. If you are a person that vapes, you should know that there are important differences between delta 8 and delta 9 THC.

Celebrities and vaping

Famous for being in one of the best films of the 90s, Pulp Fiction, Jackson has established himself as the go-to guy for speaking his mind wherever and whenever he appears. Recently, SLJ appeared on The Jimmy Fallon show, where he showcased his rhyming skills while holding and puffing from his e-cigarette during the segment. As a former smoker, Jackson is clearly sending a message to everyone out there who thinks that smoking cigarettes are the most popular trend.

Johnny Depp has always been the go-to star when it comes to setting trends. Truth be told, however, his recent “track record” (both in his private life as well as his career) has been anything but stellar. But even then, Depp remains one of the more positive examples in this decadent era of gossip and celebrity scandals. Recently, the actor has been seen with an e-cigarette in hand, which puts him at the forefront of the vaping trend as well. Best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is another celebrity who has made the switch from cigarettes to vaping. He was first seen vaping on the set of the movie Cosmopolis. Since then, Pattinson has been spotted vaping on several occasions, including Coachella.


Is vaping better than smoking cigarettes

Electronic (e)-cigarette vapor, which contains substantially fewer toxins than tobacco smoke, has been marketed as a ‘healthy’ alternative to traditional cigarettes and is reported to be an effective method of smoking cessation. Consequently, there has been a rapid growth of e-cigarette use, particularly among young people, with the result that e-cigarettes rapidly became the most used tobacco product in the USA.

There are several studies demonstrating an improvement in endothelial function in response to switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. For example, within 1 month of switching from tobacco smoking to e-cigarette vaping, there was a significant improvement in endothelial function and vascular stiffness. Females benefited more from switching than males did in every between-group comparison. Those who complied best with switching to e-cigarettes demonstrated the largest improvement. There is a considerable lack of clarity as to the overall population health consequences of e-cigarette use.

The Studies

As mentioned, many available studies provide evidence that e-cigarette vaping is less detrimental than cigarette tobacco smoking, however, the number of long-term studies and the number of mechanistic insights are still limited. If one considers that e-cigarette vaping is associated with a decrease in the average age of first-time (e)-cigarette users, the ‘healthier’ e-cigarette profile might easily be abrogated (or even reversed) by the higher proportion of adolescent users.

Therefore, it is possible e-cigarette vaping could adversely impact the overall population disability-adjusted life years thereby producing a higher disease burden. Even if we are aware that e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco products, we are also aware of their potential to generate nicotine addicts, which should be enough to trigger stricter regulations of these products. There is no doubt, however, that smoking cessation is and will remain the most powerful approach to prevent smoking-induced cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

5 Famous Actors and the Hogwarts House that Suits Them

We have all probably done a harry potter house quiz at some point in our lives, to see which house we would fit into if we were to attend the magical school for witches and wizards. Whilst we often daydream about which house we could have been in if the school were real, we don’t often think about the houses that others could have been sorted into, especially celebrities. So in this article, I am going to list five famous actors and which Hogwarts house I think that they would belong in.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors with a career spanning five decades where he has played many iconic roles such as Hon Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan. Whilst he has played many action heroes on screen, he is also one in real life. Ford is a licensed pilot and has used his helicopter to help locate missing or injured hikers, including rescuing a thirteen-year-old boy from the Yellowstone National Park. It is because of these heroics off as well as on-screen that Harrison Ford would have been in Gryffindor.

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes is one of the most laidback actors in the film and television industry. Although you might not recognize his face, you would definitely recognize his voice as Beast Boy from Teen Titans or Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has been a reggae band from 2007 called Greg Cipes and the People and has been vegan since 2009. His laidback and kind-hearted attitude has carried over into his iconic performances and it is for these reasons that he would have been in Hufflepuff.

Emma Watson

Staring as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, Watson is no stranger to the world of Harry Potter. Outside of her acting career, Watson has partaken in many forms of activism but in particular feminism. Her speech on the movement to the United Nations was watched by so many people that it made the website crash. She has also started a feminist book club called Our Shared Self on Goodreads. After filming the final film in the Harry Potter franchise, she was one of the few members of the cast to return to education, gaining a degree in Literature. Despite her on-screen appearance as a Gryffindor, Watson is clearly a Ravenclaw at heart.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downy Jr is the best type of Slytherin. Ambitious and loyal whilst being able to balance pride and fun. In 2015 he was noted to be Hollywood’s highest-paid actor. The similarities between his own life and that of the character Tony Stark is probably why he was able to embody the character so well, leading to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hardy

It is his bravery that makes Tom Hardy a Gryffindor. Hardy is often recognized as one of the most well-known action heroes of our generation with appearances in Venom and Mad Max: Fury Road. He has also proved his heroism in real life when he chased down two thieves, stopping them and making sure they weren’t armed before the police could arrive.

The Biggest Stars That came from Humble Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the six states that make up New England and is one of the richest states in all of America. It’s not one of the most glamorous states in America and people don’t associate celebrities with Connecticut. When people think of Connecticut they tend to think of small towns with hard workers, this is the case in Connecticut for example there are many successful roofing companies such as Woodbury roofing who all have dedicated employees. They also think of the beautiful sites along the Connecticut River and of the prestigious Ivy League University Yale. Whilst Connecticut does have all these things there is also a glamorous side, it isn’t just LA that is the home of many stars, keep on reading and you’ll be surprised by how many stars and celebrities come from Connecticut.

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane is known worldwide and he was born in Kent, Connecticut in 1973. His most famous work is the American sitcom series Family Guy which started in 1999 and is still running today, so far there have been 19 seasons. He also created several more successful tv series’ including The Orville, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. He is also a successful actor and has starred in many popular films including Ted and the sequel Ted 2. Also, what is lesser known about Seth is that he is also a successful singer, he was inspired and influenced by Frank Sinatra and has release 6 studio albums.

Justin Long

Justin Long is a massive star and a hugely successful actor. He was born in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1978. He moved from Connecticut to New York for college but refused to start acting full time until he had graduated. Upon graduating in 2000 he has starred in many hit movies. Some of his most well-known films include The Break-Up, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and He’s Just Not That Into You. He also tried out voice acting and once again was really successful landing the role of the voice of Alvin in Alvin and the Chipmunks. He’s been acting for the last 21 years and doesn’t seem like he’s planning on giving it up any time soon.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is another superstar that you may be surprised to find out is from Connecticut. She too was born in Fairfield, Connecticut back in 1961. Meg managed to land some parts in various films during the 1980s but her first leading role was in the popular rom-com ‘When Harry Met Sally’ in 1989. She continued to land role after role during the 1990s and worked alongside many other stars including in 1996 when she starred in the film ‘Courage Under Fire’ alongside Matt Damon and Denzel Washington. In recent years after her hiatus from acting Meg has become interested in directing, she created a film about her favorite band All Time Low and a drama called Ithaca based on the 1940’s novel The Human Comedy and was successful with both.

John Mayer

John Mayer is most well known as a successful singer-songwriter and guitarist and he was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He is now world-famous with over 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. He has many well-known albums including Continuum and Heavier Things. He has been nominated for and won many awards including Best New Artist, Best Rock Album, and Album of the Year. Although he has gained much success he still often refers to himself as just a guy from Connecticut and he has remained loyal to his roots as he often donates money or guitars for auctions to his hometown in Connecticut.

Humorist Quotes that Can Make your day! What’s with the cellphone?

A quotation is a simple saying that describes a mindset, attitude, or way of life. A quote can be a feeling as well. Famous personalities worldwide have penned down their thoughts and opinions when it comes to certain things in life. However, what you need from life is a chance to be happy, humorous, and make others happy.

Did you know that a comedian spends half of this day laughing out loud so that he or she can make others laugh? This sounds funny. Today, you will come across different memes online that will make your belly hurt. Seriously, these quotes are funny enough to make you drool as well. One such quote that has attracted the attention of readers is-

“I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones… that’s why it’s called a “CELL” phone.”

Did you find it out already? This had the readers laugh. Although this quote is from an anonymous personality, it is funny enough. Let’s understand some funny interpretations behind this quote!

Your cell phone can drive you crazy!

The makers of the cellphone were not well-versed in their vocabulary. Well, this is the reality, or do you think it’s a joke? It rather isn’t! That’s why they termed this gadget as the cell phone. It might be that they failed to realize the comic meaning behind it. However, there are talented people out there, and you will laugh at the thought of your cellphone being a “prison phone”. If you are laughing secretly, you are not alone.

There are plenty of thoughts that you can club together to understand this comic line. People use their cell phones almost the entire day. From entertainment to conducting business and spending time on social media, your cell phone is a match made in heaven.

If you carefully look at the brighter side, humans are married to this gadget called the “cell phone”. Now you may ask how? Well, omitting the cell word, you literally cannot do without the 6-inch screen in front of you. This marriage is for life, and hence, you are imprisoned for life. Therefore, the “CELL” in a cellphone is justified! Period!

Examining the truth behind the quote:

Are you a prisoner of your phones? Well, you are! Today humans spend almost more than 10 hours a day on their cell phones. You are imprisoning yourself for almost 10 hours a day by staring at your screen or even completing your work. Comedians have come up with a nice phrase for this occasion:

“Remember the time when you had to press the number 7 four times just to get to the letter S?”

Do you even remember those days? Yes, you may be having tears in your eyes. Each of us has come a long way, and there is no doubt that the cellphone has to. The struggle was for real, and we feel it. Technology plays a big role here from the Nokia cellphones that helped you pass your time to the modern touchscreen cellphones.

Some comedians also speak of this truth, which is not to be taken seriously again:

“I bet that after 2000 years, when you dig deep the rubble of our destroyed earth, you will still find a Nokia phone still on half battery”.

What seriously? We are prisoners. We not only prison ourselves with the cellphones, but we cage the cellphone as well. With the modern cellphone caging you for hours to a confined space, let’s understand earlier cellphones’ old reality.

Distracting yourself from the present cellphones:

You will be happy to see that you are caged with a modern touchscreen cellphone. This prison seems so satisfying. Well, let’s take you back to a time when technology wasn’t the real answer.

“Imagine yourself quarantined, or having to spend your lockdown with a Nokia phone? What would have happened if there were a lockdown 20 years back?”

Did you get the joke here? Well, calling a cellphone a “CELL (prison)” phone, you would not have survived the lockdown with a Nokia phone. It seems impossible. Think of the anxiety you would have had? You would have had one option with you, which was to play snakes and ladders. Call yourself lucky that those days are gone, and new things are waiting for you!

Are you making fun of the prison?

It is a comic way of addressing the fact that the cellphones have caged you for life. Indeed you call it a blessing, don’t you? There are so many new activities to participate in, especially in the world of social media platforms. However, there is one aspect that seems more comic than the rest. “Are you making fun of real prisons?”. Well, the anonymous writer of this quote did not mean that. The writer made this quote to create an impact.

As individuals are too much involved in this technology prison, let’s not forget to spend time alone. Ditch this phone for a day, and come out of this prison, to enjoy things that you naturally have in your life. This is what most human beings have forgotten, and they wish to forget. But to save yourself from this life prison, you must take note of the things you are grateful for.

The hidden meaning:

Although this quote has a funny nature to it, let’s not forget the impact it can create. As we continue to imprison ourselves more and more, one aspect of life is shifting towards darkness. While the cellphone continues to create an impact, let’s not fall into its prison ever again. Although there is a necessity for this gadget, let’s pretend to enjoy the finer things in life.

Make the “CELL” phone, less of a stress today. You do not have to be in a “CELL” to use your cellphone.

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