Why Has There Been an Increase in Life Insurance Adverts and Why Should we Listen to Them?

Why Has There Been an Increase in Life Insurance Adverts and Why Should we Listen to Them?

It can be very difficult to start thinking about what happens when you die, with all of the time left in your life you may think that you don’t need life insurance just yet. The sad reality is that you never know when your time is up and having life insurance well in advance could be the perfect way to provide you with peace of mind that your family will be well looked after with additional finances in the event of your death.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of life insurance advertisements recently, so much so that many people are now purchasing their own plans and putting steps in place to ensure that should anything unexpected happen to you, your family will receive a payout to help them out when you are no longer there. Thanks to increased marketing from insurance agencies it seems that care is being taken to spread awareness of how important life insurance is. As more awareness is spread more people will turn to these precautions to make the proper preparations for the event of their death.

If you do not already have life insurance in place I would urge you to consider your options immediately, when it comes to finding the best policy for you I would highly recommend that you do proper research over multiple companies so that you are able to secure the best deal. As mentioned previously there has been a significant increase in the number of advertisements for life insurance recently which should definitely indicate to you how important it is. There are many ways that you can source a quality life insurance plan and protect your family. All you need to do is get the wheels in motion and begin the process as soon as possible.

  • Finding the Best Deal

When it comes to finding the best deal for your life insurance needs there are a number of different resources available, you can find comparison websites online that allow you to see each feature of a provider’s life insurance policy to ensure you are getting insurance that meets every requirement you have. Depending on how much you feel your family will need when you pass away you can select a payment option that is comfortable for you and that will give your family the right finances to put preparations in place. This is completely down to you but as mentioned before you should be sure that the policy you have selected is the right one for you.

  • Funeral Preparations

It shouldn’t be a shock to you that funerals and the vast preparations that must be done to give you the send off that you deserve. Leaving this all up to your family is not the right way to go about things which is where life insurance becomes so valuable. In the event of your death your insurance provider will pay out in respect to the monthly payments that you made, the more you pay in the more your family will get out of it. For funerals, this money can be a real lifesaver that allows your family to grieve and say goodbye without having to foot the whole bill themselves.

  • Money For Your Family

Some people prefer to add their funeral arrangements as part of a separate policy, this is not the only use that life insurance can have and some people simply choose to put aside some of their finances for whatever their family may need. Life insurance allows you to look after your loved ones long after you have gone and providing them with a financial payout that could help with many other aspects of their life could be a huge boost that they will be very thankful for. Life insurance also means that any debts you may have outstanding can be paid in full and save your loved ones the inconvenience of having to deal with your payments themselves.

  • Ensuring You Choose the Right Policy

Ensuring You Choose the Right Policy

A final aspect of your life insurance that you must consider before going ahead with a policy would have to be the importance of differentiating between the many kinds of policy that you can get. With so many options available many people have been left wondering what does 20 year term life insurance mean, with this term being used with little explanation from companies. 20 year term life insurance means that you will be paying your fee for twenty years in exchange for a large payout when the policy is cashed in. It is important that you find a policy with the right term for you and one with payments that you can easily afford without falling behind. If you have any issues with your insurance as mentioned before you should use the resources available to find the right deal for you.

5 Classes You Should Take to Stay Physically Fit

5 Classes You Should Take to Stay Physically Fit

As you get older, something that you need to focus on is staying physically fit. When you have a hectic lifestyle, it can be easy to eat poorly and not get in enough exercise, which can be frustrating. It can be hard to find time to get in a workout and the gym can be a dull place to spend your time. If you are someone that hates the gym but wants a workout, then I recommend that you head to a class. Classes are a stress-free way to burn calories while having fun, making them a great way to exercise. Here are just 5 classes that you should take to stay physically fit.


When I was at my heaviest, I did not have the confidence to go to an exercise class. I simply did not feel fit enough and I was quite embarrassed. I then saw an ad in my local newspaper stating there was a jogging group that met four times a week in my home, Orange County. I went to a class and met a lot of fantastic people, who I spoke to while I jogged. It didn’t feel like exercise, but I managed to lose a substantial amount of weight.


A fun way to lose weight is going to a dance class. When you are dancing, it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising at all. After my jogging experience, I tried to attend a salsa class, but I realised that wasn’t really for me. I then discovered they have a modern dance studio in Orange County, which plays more current songs and follows more current steps. When I went to this studio I felt as though I was dancing in my favorite club and the pounds just fell off as I had fun.


I always find that you don’t feel like you are doing a workout when you are playing a competitive game. Your brain shifts focus from the fact that you are trying to lose weight and focuses more on the task at hand. When you play soccer, you are running up and down a field, but you do not even notice that you are doing this. You can also become very close to your fellow teammates, which is great if you are in a position where you would like to make more friends with people that share your interests.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness has become extremely popular recently. It is a great way to get in some cardio, all while building your upper body strength. There is no denying that pole fitness takes a lot of work and it is not something that you will just pick up on your first try. The best part about pole fitness is that mistakes are expected to happen and they become a fun joke among your fellow pole fitness enthusiasts.

Once you get better, you are able to do more challenging steps, which will impress everyone that you are taking the class with.


This is arguably the most fun class on this list. Trampolining is something that absolutely anyone can do, regardless of your physical ability. In your local area, it is likely that there are plenty of trampoline classes you can go to. In these classes, they teach you how to do fun tricks and even dance routines, all while on the trampoline. If you want to get your practice in, you can even buy your own smaller trampoline and try it for yourself at home. There are plenty of online video classes that you can follow, which will prepare you for any bigger classes.

A Look at the UK Celebs with the Most Decadent Home Decor

A Look at the UK Celebs with the Most Decadent Home Decor

Since the introduction of social media, we have all become a lot more familiar with the personal lives of celebrities. In the past, we could only wonder how the other half lived, but now we can see it for ourselves. We no longer have to wait for magazines and newspapers to give us a glimpse into the life of celebrities, as they are doing it for themselves.

Now that celebrities are becoming much more open about their life on social media, we are all getting a good look into how they live. We all long to be like the celebrities that we admire and gaining an insight into their homes means that we can emulate how their homes look.

The UK is especially known for having celebrities that are eager to share the interior of their homes with their devout followers. Showing off your home is a great way to gain sponsorship deals and also interact with your fans, so there is no wonder why so many celebrities are being so transparent about their home decor. Here is a look at the UK celebs with the most decadent home decor.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

When it comes to UK celebrities being open about their home decor, nobody is more popular than Stacy. She had her start on The X Factor, but since then she has moved onto TV hosting.

Stacey has been active on Instagram for a few years now and she has become extremely popular after sharing her techniques for tidying your home and completing fun DIYs. Her tidying techniques were so popular with her fans that she was actually given a book deal, which was a combination of her tidying techniques and her popular home DIY tips.

Since the success of her book, Stacey has moved into a Georgian Mansion and has been sharing the transformation of her home with all of her fans. Her house is an example of modern design with Georgian architecture and it is leaving her fans in awe. In her current home, she is making her way through every room and every room that she decorates has its very own color scheme, which really adds that special touch to her house.

She is also expecting a baby any day now and has been videoing the process of making a nursery for her child. So if you are someone that is also expecting and you are in desperate need of some inspiration, why not take a look at one of Stacey’s Instagram live story reels, where she has plenty of nursery tips.

Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland

Louise is a popular Youtuber that has been on the platform for over a decade. Her channel was initially dedicated to makeup and fashion hauls, but since the birth of her two daughters, it has become much more home-oriented.

On her Youtube channel, Louise has documented the transformation of her home, throughout her constant need to change up the look of her home. Louise has two daughters, which means that she spends a lot of time at home caring for them.

Recently Louise has documented the transformation of her daughter’s room and the process she has had to follow to transform her older daughter’s room into something a bit more mature. As she has documented her journey, she has also shared her struggle with something that she thought would be incredibly simple, finding a bed for her younger daughter.

She is determined to get her a bed that will last her until she is older but also does not want to get her something that looks too adult and takes up too much space in her bedroom. During the process of trying to find her daughter a bed, she actually ended up unexpectedly replacing her own. She went to one of the biggest distributors of sleigh beds in the UK hoping to find a bed for her daughter but instead left with a brilliant sleigh bed for her own bedroom.

Though she is yet to find a bed for her daughter, her journey continues and she continues to share what is going on with her dedicated fan base.


You may recognise Zoella from the early years of Youtuber. The Youtuber is now in her 30’s and has moved away from content creation and is now selling beauty and home products.

As someone that sells homeware, it is expected that her house looks amazing, and she doesn’t disappoint. Zoella owns a mansion in Brighton with her fiance Alfie Dyas. Her mansion is very modern and she continuously updated the interior with a lot of her own products.

Zoe’s goal is to find a balance between modern decoration and cosy living, as she says she spends a lot of time at home.

Breaking Down the Best Moments From Gaming History

In recent years, gaming has become a much more apparent part of popular culture.  In the past, gaming was reserved for ‘geeky’ people to play in the comfort of their own homes, and it was commonly criticized as being a waste of time, though this is not the case anymore.

People are no longer restricted to play games alone at home as gaming has really started to hit the mainstream, so much so that gaming has now become its own league of sports known as esports.

With gaming entering the mainstream, many people have started to stream the gameplay that they would have typically done privately in the past.  Though you can see gaming streamed in competition settings, you can also see people game online. Being able to access gaming online so easily has allowed us to catch some of the best moments that we would have previously missed when people used to game privately, here are some of the best moments from gaming history.

Minecraft impossible fail

If you are someone that loves to watch Minecraft streams, then it is likely that you have stumbled across this historic incident.  A Minecraft streamer had been surviving on hardcore mode, using the same world for over a year. Everything was going very well for him and one day he was taking a simple stroll through his own mineshaft when he was attacked by a baby zombie out of nowhere, killing him instantly.

For people who had been tuning in to watch him play every week, it came as a shock. The streamer had been to the end, taken on the nether, and fought some of the game’s most difficult mobs. The streamer himself was extremely shocked as he never predicted that his series would have ended because of a baby zombie, but he later went on to say that he is glad that his series ended in such a hilarious way.  Many fans asked him to discount this event and pick up from a last save, but he stated that this would not be true to what he set out to do at the start.

Apex Legends Showdown

If you are someone that loves competitive esports, then it is likely that you saw the Apex Legends tournament that took place last season. Apex is relatively new to the world of battle royale, so to be able to kickstart its introduction into the gaming world the creators hosted a tournament with a cash prize of a million dollars.

Hundreds of people took place in an epic team tournament that lasted over a week, and nobody could have predicted the ending. Team dynamite seemed to be the best bet in terms of who was going to take the cash prize as they were coming first in almost every game, however, this was not the case. The underdog Maguire team surprised everyone when they defeated team dynamite and stole the cash prize. What made this moment so momentous was the announcement made by Team Maguire which stated that they would donate half of their prize money to charity, which was matched by sponsoring companies.

If you aspire to be as good as the Maguire team then we recommend that you practice ahead of the next tournament, the esp cheat for apex legends makes things easier and so using this could improve your gameplay.

Ninja Breakdown

If you are someone that loves watching a good Twitch stream, then you have definitely stumbled onto one of Ninja’s streams at one point or another. Ninja is well known for his love of Fortnite, and he is one of the people that gave the game the popularity that it has today. Ninja is well known for how emotional he gets when he plays, and this was the case when he came second place during the tournament. He thought he was guaranteed a win when the game was ending as he was unable to locate the other player. As he was taking a second to reply to some of his stream comments, the person that he was looking for jumped out and killed him with a swift shotgun shot.

Typically, when you are playing in a competition and you lose, it is good etiquette to congratulate your fellow gamer and accept defeat with a bit of class. Ninja decided this is not what he was going to do, and he instead chose to have a complete breakdown and call the other player a cheat.

His fans and viewers did not appreciate how he reacted and decided that they would not allow him to get away with it, which resulted in Ninja quickly becoming a meme. He later apologized for his actions, but that does not mean that we will forget them any time soon.

Hollywood High Life: All the Accessories Sported by the Elite

When it comes to having the best style so many of us look to the celebrity elites for inspiration on our next outfits, with trends going as far as originating from social media posts from the most followed celebrities we have seen so many fashion choices going in and out of style according to what the most popular celebrities are pictured wearing. Top fashion icons dictate the world of fashion in such a way that it becomes so unpredictable and exciting to try and figure out what will be the next big thing to be trending.  

As fashion develops at such a rapid rate we have seen that accessories have become an important element to make up a stylish and iconic outfit. There are so many fashion items and clothing pieces that fall under the accessories category so you really have the opportunity to have some fun and find some unique pieces to spice up your wardrobe. As always the best inspiration on the most fashionable accessories can be found on the social media accounts of your favorite celebrities who have early access to upcoming releases and pieces that are fresh from the most high profile worldwide runaways and collections.  


Bags are both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any outfit, having the right bag can really enhance the way your outfit looks and can either be colorful or understated to complement the design and print of the other items of clothing that you are wearing. The great thing about buying bags is that even if you do not have the funds available to buy the real designer pieces many mainstream fashion retailers will redesign the original offering them at a much more affordable price. Having a bag when you are out is great as you can store your essential items without affecting the overall outfit with many collections of clothing not being truly complete without the final addition of a classy bag.  


Belts can be used to not only add a new color or texture to your outfit but can also help to alter the shape and fit of your clothing by bringing your waist in and separating the top and bottom half of your body. Belts can be found in a  range of different styles and sizes but as a general rule I would recommend that you do a smaller belt if you want to go for a subtle look, but if you want something that is going to really tighten the waist and bring in your outfit a large belt is a great way to achieve the more desirable hourglass shape. Belts are another fun opportunity to try something different with many unique and rather garish style options available on the market to really take your outfit to the next level and set yourself apart from everyone else and what they are wearing.  


If you are somebody who enjoys sleeker, more basically designed pieces of clothing, the jewelry that you choose to wear can really spice up the overall look and draw the eye in with some sparkle. Again jewelry can be on both ends of the spectrum in terms of cost so don’t be afraid to go for the cheaper costume pieces of jewelry if that is what your budget allows for as some of the cheaper pieces can look very realistic and classy without the need to spend a fortune. Adding a few jewels is a great way to finish off a look and when you are visiting a special event or occasion it can be just what you need to give your outfit a classy twist.  


Glasses do not have to be solely a functional item to be worn and in fact, the trite pair of glasses can really change the style of your overall look, many people are afraid of wearing glasses especially if it is not something you require to see. You could go for a standard clear pair or on th0ose days when the sun is out you may require a pair of shades to protect your eyes and make sure your look is summer-ready.  


A stranger accessory on this list that has been proven to be very popular amongst the elite celebs would have to be vapes and electronic cigarettes. As they continue to grow in popularity we have seen many people treat this item as a fashion piece or accessory to help finish off an outfit. The Posh Plus XL is a great vape model with stylish led lights and huge cloud capabilities to help give your pictures a stylish edge, of course, you should only use vapes if you are of legal age and it is important to remember how addictive the nicotine in E liquids is before you start using a product like this.  


The final accessory that you should consider implementing into your outfits if you want to mimic the high-end style of your favorite celebs would be hats, a nice hat can really add some volume and character to your overall look and in the summer when the sun is shining they can be useful in helping to keep the sun out of your face, as well as creating moody shadows and lighting on your summer pictures which I’m sure we can all agree is a great positive aspect of this fashion item.  




The 6 Highest-Earning Youtubers as of 2021

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is a very well-known figure in the Youtube creator industry and he has had a very long-lasting career full of controversy that seems to drive his success level even further. Crowder is most well known for his controversial videos surrounding the world’s biggest public issues and although he is not the most popular person when you think of Youtube stars, he is clearly doing something right as he has done so well with his time on the platform.


Due to his success, many people have been left wondering how much a controversial figure like Crowder makes. You need only look at the Edward Snowden net worth figures to see just how much controversial public figures tend to make. So it is no surprise Steen Crowder earns so much, especially given his large social media backing.

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes formally known as Pointless Blogs is another very successful YouTuber who specializes in creating family-friendly videos showing off their lavish lifestyle. Alfie has been a familiar face on the platform for many years now and he is one of the creators who actually started out being quite small until their career really took off.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is the partner of Alfie Deyes and they actually met at an event where they were both working under the Youtube name, like Alfie Zoe also works as a creator and she too has done very well for herself in building herself a nice career and net worth. Zoe’s videos are very relaxing in nature and they are aimed at young girls onwards with a variety of different types of content showing off her luxurious home, lifestyle as well as her favorite high-end beauty products that she simply cannot live without.

Preston Arsement

If you are a fan of gaming and watching gaming run-throughs then I would highly recommend that you check out Preston Arsement’s channel, he creates fun and friendly videos of the world’s best video games and his content are very reliable for when you are looking to be entertained. Thanks to his hard work in maintaining a respectable Youtube channel Preston is one of the most successful YouTubers within this genre of videos, seeing someone who is successful based upon the work they have put into something is a very refreshing thing to see.

Jeffree Star

The next Youtuber is one of the most successful public figures to come out of the industry and while he makes a lot of his money through the many other business ventures that he is involved with it could be argued that much of his success has come from his Youtube stardom. Jeffree Star started by creating his Youtube tutorials and from that, he has even gone so far that he now is the owner and CEO of his own makeup company. As well as many other properties and businesses under his belt, he now has an extremely high net worth that is unlikely to change.

James Charles

The beauty industry is full of very successful public figures that have strong ties to the makeup and beauty industry, James Charles is another one of these creators, and although he has a strong reputation for his controversy the success rate of his channel and the multiple brand deals that he has had the opportunity to do cannot be denied. James Charles is rarely out of the public eye and his beauty videos are viewed at such a high rate that not many other creators have, the fact that he is so successful at such a young age just shows how far he is expected to go further in his career.

Ranking Denmark’s Most Popular Celebrities

Celebrity culture in Denmark is just as prominent as other parts of the world and there are some very famous faces who you may have heard of but will be surprised to learn that they are in fact from Denmark. From social media stars to famous musicians and actors and actresses, Denmark has been home to many very talented people worthy of showing their talent on a national level. Although many of the celebrities on this list have ventured away from Denmark to pursue their career their talent cannot be denied.  

Sandi Toksvig

 Sandi Toksvig is a very well-known actress, comedian, and television personality, particularly under the UK’s Channel 4 network. She has starred in a number of her own one-woman shows where she has audiences in fits of laughter with her extremely entertaining comedy sets. Her most recent appearance would have to be her position as a presenter on the Great British Bake Off, this role of hosting alongside Noel Fielding has turned Sandi into a household face who viewers truly loved seeing every week on their television screens with her iconic banter and baking puns to help lighten the mood. 

Scarlett Johansen

 Although she was born in the United States in New York, you may be shocked to learn that famous actress Scarlett Johansen actually has a very strong Danish heritage on her father’s side. Scarlett has been a very well-liked actress since her first appearance in the film world, which has provided her with a huge acting career and successful income. Scarlett is also very well known for her charity work where she has been involved in many different schemes, including a huge drive for transforming urban spaces using environmentally friendly methods, if this something you would be interested in supporting then finds out more at ghform.dk. 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

 Another actor who has featured in some very successful movies and television shows would have to be Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, his most notable appearance as Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones has brought him much success thanks to his excellent portrayal of this ruthless character which fans of the show really loved, and hated. Nikolaj is Danish and actually completed the majority of his official acting education in Denmark before he set off around the world to make his mark on the acting scene and build a very successful career for himself.  

Brigitte Nielsen

The final celebrity from Denmark on this list would have to be none other than famous actress, model, TV personality, and singer Brigitte Nielson. Brigitte is a huge personality that shines through in everything she does, this versatile performer has a strong work ethic which can be seen in her performances on TV, her music, and through things as simple as the way that she interacts with her fans. This huge star is one of Denmark’s biggest success stories in terms of building a huge empire within the entertainment industry. The fact that Brigitte has been able to achieve so much over the years is why she is worthy of being one of Denmark’s most popular celebrities.  

10 Fashionable Celebs who Are Avid Vapers

In recent years, many celebrities have decided to ditch cigarettes in favor of vaping. The most prominent example is none other than Hollywood superstar Jack Nicholson, who, after years of active smoking, has turned to e-cigarettes as the primary source of satiating his cravings. In addition, other notable examples include Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. So, if more and more celebrities are switching to vaping instead of smoking, and most of us know that these people have a team of advisors and assistants managing their everyday lives and closely watching over their health, then surely vaping is recommended rather than smoking. If you are a person that vapes, you should know that there are important differences between delta 8 and delta 9 THC.

Celebrities and vaping

Famous for being in one of the best films of the 90s, Pulp Fiction, Jackson has established himself as the go-to guy for speaking his mind wherever and whenever he appears. Recently, SLJ appeared on The Jimmy Fallon show, where he showcased his rhyming skills while holding and puffing from his e-cigarette during the segment. As a former smoker, Jackson is clearly sending a message to everyone out there who thinks that smoking cigarettes are the most popular trend.

Johnny Depp has always been the go-to star when it comes to setting trends. Truth be told, however, his recent “track record” (both in his private life as well as his career) has been anything but stellar. But even then, Depp remains one of the more positive examples in this decadent era of gossip and celebrity scandals. Recently, the actor has been seen with an e-cigarette in hand, which puts him at the forefront of the vaping trend as well. Best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is another celebrity who has made the switch from cigarettes to vaping. He was first seen vaping on the set of the movie Cosmopolis. Since then, Pattinson has been spotted vaping on several occasions, including Coachella.


Is vaping better than smoking cigarettes

Electronic (e)-cigarette vapor, which contains substantially fewer toxins than tobacco smoke, has been marketed as a ‘healthy’ alternative to traditional cigarettes and is reported to be an effective method of smoking cessation. Consequently, there has been a rapid growth of e-cigarette use, particularly among young people, with the result that e-cigarettes rapidly became the most used tobacco product in the USA.

There are several studies demonstrating an improvement in endothelial function in response to switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. For example, within 1 month of switching from tobacco smoking to e-cigarette vaping, there was a significant improvement in endothelial function and vascular stiffness. Females benefited more from switching than males did in every between-group comparison. Those who complied best with switching to e-cigarettes demonstrated the largest improvement. There is a considerable lack of clarity as to the overall population health consequences of e-cigarette use.

The Studies

As mentioned, many available studies provide evidence that e-cigarette vaping is less detrimental than cigarette tobacco smoking, however, the number of long-term studies and the number of mechanistic insights are still limited. If one considers that e-cigarette vaping is associated with a decrease in the average age of first-time (e)-cigarette users, the ‘healthier’ e-cigarette profile might easily be abrogated (or even reversed) by the higher proportion of adolescent users.

Therefore, it is possible e-cigarette vaping could adversely impact the overall population disability-adjusted life years thereby producing a higher disease burden. Even if we are aware that e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco products, we are also aware of their potential to generate nicotine addicts, which should be enough to trigger stricter regulations of these products. There is no doubt, however, that smoking cessation is and will remain the most powerful approach to prevent smoking-induced cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

5 Famous Actors and the Hogwarts House that Suits Them

We have all probably done a harry potter house quiz at some point in our lives, to see which house we would fit into if we were to attend the magical school for witches and wizards. Whilst we often daydream about which house we could have been in if the school were real, we don’t often think about the houses that others could have been sorted into, especially celebrities. So in this article, I am going to list five famous actors and which Hogwarts house I think that they would belong in.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors with a career spanning five decades where he has played many iconic roles such as Hon Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan. Whilst he has played many action heroes on screen, he is also one in real life. Ford is a licensed pilot and has used his helicopter to help locate missing or injured hikers, including rescuing a thirteen-year-old boy from the Yellowstone National Park. It is because of these heroics off as well as on-screen that Harrison Ford would have been in Gryffindor.

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes is one of the most laidback actors in the film and television industry. Although you might not recognize his face, you would definitely recognize his voice as Beast Boy from Teen Titans or Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has been a reggae band from 2007 called Greg Cipes and the People and has been vegan since 2009. His laidback and kind-hearted attitude has carried over into his iconic performances and it is for these reasons that he would have been in Hufflepuff.

Emma Watson

Staring as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, Watson is no stranger to the world of Harry Potter. Outside of her acting career, Watson has partaken in many forms of activism but in particular feminism. Her speech on the movement to the United Nations was watched by so many people that it made the website crash. She has also started a feminist book club called Our Shared Self on Goodreads. After filming the final film in the Harry Potter franchise, she was one of the few members of the cast to return to education, gaining a degree in Literature. Despite her on-screen appearance as a Gryffindor, Watson is clearly a Ravenclaw at heart.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downy Jr is the best type of Slytherin. Ambitious and loyal whilst being able to balance pride and fun. In 2015 he was noted to be Hollywood’s highest-paid actor. The similarities between his own life and that of the character Tony Stark is probably why he was able to embody the character so well, leading to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hardy

It is his bravery that makes Tom Hardy a Gryffindor. Hardy is often recognized as one of the most well-known action heroes of our generation with appearances in Venom and Mad Max: Fury Road. He has also proved his heroism in real life when he chased down two thieves, stopping them and making sure they weren’t armed before the police could arrive.

Humorist Quotes that Can Make your day! What’s with the cellphone?

A quotation is a simple saying that describes a mindset, attitude, or way of life. A quote can be a feeling as well. Famous personalities worldwide have penned down their thoughts and opinions when it comes to certain things in life. However, what you need from life is a chance to be happy, humorous, and make others happy.

Did you know that a comedian spends half of this day laughing out loud so that he or she can make others laugh? This sounds funny. Today, you will come across different memes online that will make your belly hurt. Seriously, these quotes are funny enough to make you drool as well. One such quote that has attracted the attention of readers is-

“I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones… that’s why it’s called a “CELL” phone.”

Did you find it out already? This had the readers laugh. Although this quote is from an anonymous personality, it is funny enough. Let’s understand some funny interpretations behind this quote!

Your cell phone can drive you crazy!

The makers of the cellphone were not well-versed in their vocabulary. Well, this is the reality, or do you think it’s a joke? It rather isn’t! That’s why they termed this gadget as the cell phone. It might be that they failed to realize the comic meaning behind it. However, there are talented people out there, and you will laugh at the thought of your cellphone being a “prison phone”. If you are laughing secretly, you are not alone.

There are plenty of thoughts that you can club together to understand this comic line. People use their cell phones almost the entire day. From entertainment to conducting business and spending time on social media, your cell phone is a match made in heaven.

If you carefully look at the brighter side, humans are married to this gadget called the “cell phone”. Now you may ask how? Well, omitting the cell word, you literally cannot do without the 6-inch screen in front of you. This marriage is for life, and hence, you are imprisoned for life. Therefore, the “CELL” in a cellphone is justified! Period!

Examining the truth behind the quote:

Are you a prisoner of your phones? Well, you are! Today humans spend almost more than 10 hours a day on their cell phones. You are imprisoning yourself for almost 10 hours a day by staring at your screen or even completing your work. Comedians have come up with a nice phrase for this occasion:

“Remember the time when you had to press the number 7 four times just to get to the letter S?”

Do you even remember those days? Yes, you may be having tears in your eyes. Each of us has come a long way, and there is no doubt that the cellphone has to. The struggle was for real, and we feel it. Technology plays a big role here from the Nokia cellphones that helped you pass your time to the modern touchscreen cellphones.

Some comedians also speak of this truth, which is not to be taken seriously again:

“I bet that after 2000 years, when you dig deep the rubble of our destroyed earth, you will still find a Nokia phone still on half battery”.

What seriously? We are prisoners. We not only prison ourselves with the cellphones, but we cage the cellphone as well. With the modern cellphone caging you for hours to a confined space, let’s understand earlier cellphones’ old reality.

Distracting yourself from the present cellphones:

You will be happy to see that you are caged with a modern touchscreen cellphone. This prison seems so satisfying. Well, let’s take you back to a time when technology wasn’t the real answer.

“Imagine yourself quarantined, or having to spend your lockdown with a Nokia phone? What would have happened if there were a lockdown 20 years back?”

Did you get the joke here? Well, calling a cellphone a “CELL (prison)” phone, you would not have survived the lockdown with a Nokia phone. It seems impossible. Think of the anxiety you would have had? You would have had one option with you, which was to play snakes and ladders. Call yourself lucky that those days are gone, and new things are waiting for you!

Are you making fun of the prison?

It is a comic way of addressing the fact that the cellphones have caged you for life. Indeed you call it a blessing, don’t you? There are so many new activities to participate in, especially in the world of social media platforms. However, there is one aspect that seems more comic than the rest. “Are you making fun of real prisons?”. Well, the anonymous writer of this quote did not mean that. The writer made this quote to create an impact.

As individuals are too much involved in this technology prison, let’s not forget to spend time alone. Ditch this phone for a day, and come out of this prison, to enjoy things that you naturally have in your life. This is what most human beings have forgotten, and they wish to forget. But to save yourself from this life prison, you must take note of the things you are grateful for.

The hidden meaning:

Although this quote has a funny nature to it, let’s not forget the impact it can create. As we continue to imprison ourselves more and more, one aspect of life is shifting towards darkness. While the cellphone continues to create an impact, let’s not fall into its prison ever again. Although there is a necessity for this gadget, let’s pretend to enjoy the finer things in life.

Make the “CELL” phone, less of a stress today. You do not have to be in a “CELL” to use your cellphone.

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