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5 Classes You Should Take to Stay Physically Fit

As you get older, something that you need to focus on is staying physically fit. When you have a hectic lifestyle, it can be easy to eat poorly and not get in enough exercise, which can be frustrating. It can be hard to find time to get in a workout and the gym can be a dull place to spend your time. If you are someone that hates the gym but wants a workout, then I recommend that you head to a class. Classes are a stress-free way to burn calories while having fun, making them a great way to exercise. Here are just 5 classes that you should take to stay physically fit.


When I was at my heaviest, I did not have the confidence to go to an exercise class. I simply did not feel fit enough and I was quite embarrassed. I then saw an ad in my local newspaper stating there was a jogging group that met four times a week in my home, Orange County. I went to a class and met a lot of fantastic people, who I spoke to while I jogged. It didn’t feel like exercise, but I managed to lose a substantial amount of weight.


A fun way to lose weight is going to a dance class. When you are dancing, it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising at all. After my jogging experience, I tried to attend a salsa class, but I realised that wasn’t really for me. I then discovered they have a modern dance studio in Orange County, which plays more current songs and follows more current steps. When I went to this studio I felt as though I was dancing in my favorite club and the pounds just fell off as I had fun.


I always find that you don’t feel like you are doing a workout when you are playing a competitive game. Your brain shifts focus from the fact that you are trying to lose weight and focuses more on the task at hand. When you play soccer, you are running up and down a field, but you do not even notice that you are doing this. You can also become very close to your fellow teammates, which is great if you are in a position where you would like to make more friends with people that share your interests.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness has become extremely popular recently. It is a great way to get in some cardio, all while building your upper body strength. There is no denying that pole fitness takes a lot of work and it is not something that you will just pick up on your first try. The best part about pole fitness is that mistakes are expected to happen and they become a fun joke among your fellow pole fitness enthusiasts.

Once you get better, you are able to do more challenging steps, which will impress everyone that you are taking the class with.


This is arguably the most fun class on this list. Trampolining is something that absolutely anyone can do, regardless of your physical ability. In your local area, it is likely that there are plenty of trampoline classes you can go to. In these classes, they teach you how to do fun tricks and even dance routines, all while on the trampoline. If you want to get your practice in, you can even buy your own smaller trampoline and try it for yourself at home. There are plenty of online video classes that you can follow, which will prepare you for any bigger classes.

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