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A Look at the UK Celebs with the Most Decadent Home Decor

Since the introduction of social media, we have all become a lot more familiar with the personal lives of celebrities. In the past, we could only wonder how the other half lived, but now we can see it for ourselves. We no longer have to wait for magazines and newspapers to give us a glimpse into the life of celebrities, as they are doing it for themselves.

Now that celebrities are becoming much more open about their life on social media, we are all getting a good look into how they live. We all long to be like the celebrities that we admire and gaining an insight into their homes means that we can emulate how their homes look.

The UK is especially known for having celebrities that are eager to share the interior of their homes with their devout followers. Showing off your home is a great way to gain sponsorship deals and also interact with your fans, so there is no wonder why so many celebrities are being so transparent about their home decor. Here is a look at the UK celebs with the most decadent home decor.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

When it comes to UK celebrities being open about their home decor, nobody is more popular than Stacy. She had her start on The X Factor, but since then she has moved onto TV hosting.

Stacey has been active on Instagram for a few years now and she has become extremely popular after sharing her techniques for tidying your home and completing fun DIYs. Her tidying techniques were so popular with her fans that she was actually given a book deal, which was a combination of her tidying techniques and her popular home DIY tips.

Since the success of her book, Stacey has moved into a Georgian Mansion and has been sharing the transformation of her home with all of her fans. Her house is an example of modern design with Georgian architecture and it is leaving her fans in awe. In her current home, she is making her way through every room and every room that she decorates has its very own color scheme, which really adds that special touch to her house.

She is also expecting a baby any day now and has been videoing the process of making a nursery for her child. So if you are someone that is also expecting and you are in desperate need of some inspiration, why not take a look at one of Stacey’s Instagram live story reels, where she has plenty of nursery tips.

Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland

Louise is a popular Youtuber that has been on the platform for over a decade. Her channel was initially dedicated to makeup and fashion hauls, but since the birth of her two daughters, it has become much more home-oriented.

On her Youtube channel, Louise has documented the transformation of her home, throughout her constant need to change up the look of her home. Louise has two daughters, which means that she spends a lot of time at home caring for them.

Recently Louise has documented the transformation of her daughter’s room and the process she has had to follow to transform her older daughter’s room into something a bit more mature. As she has documented her journey, she has also shared her struggle with something that she thought would be incredibly simple, finding a bed for her younger daughter.

She is determined to get her a bed that will last her until she is older but also does not want to get her something that looks too adult and takes up too much space in her bedroom. During the process of trying to find her daughter a bed, she actually ended up unexpectedly replacing her own. She went to one of the biggest distributors of sleigh beds in the UK hoping to find a bed for her daughter but instead left with a brilliant sleigh bed for her own bedroom.

Though she is yet to find a bed for her daughter, her journey continues and she continues to share what is going on with her dedicated fan base.


You may recognise Zoella from the early years of Youtuber. The Youtuber is now in her 30’s and has moved away from content creation and is now selling beauty and home products.

As someone that sells homeware, it is expected that her house looks amazing, and she doesn’t disappoint. Zoella owns a mansion in Brighton with her fiance Alfie Dyas. Her mansion is very modern and she continuously updated the interior with a lot of her own products.

Zoe’s goal is to find a balance between modern decoration and cosy living, as she says she spends a lot of time at home.

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