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Breaking Down the Best Moments From Gaming History

In recent years, gaming has become a much more apparent part of popular culture.  In the past, gaming was reserved for ‘geeky’ people to play in the comfort of their own homes, and it was commonly criticized as being a waste of time, though this is not the case anymore.

People are no longer restricted to play games alone at home as gaming has really started to hit the mainstream, so much so that gaming has now become its own league of sports known as esports.

With gaming entering the mainstream, many people have started to stream the gameplay that they would have typically done privately in the past.  Though you can see gaming streamed in competition settings, you can also see people game online. Being able to access gaming online so easily has allowed us to catch some of the best moments that we would have previously missed when people used to game privately, here are some of the best moments from gaming history.

Minecraft impossible fail

If you are someone that loves to watch Minecraft streams, then it is likely that you have stumbled across this historic incident.  A Minecraft streamer had been surviving on hardcore mode, using the same world for over a year. Everything was going very well for him and one day he was taking a simple stroll through his own mineshaft when he was attacked by a baby zombie out of nowhere, killing him instantly.

For people who had been tuning in to watch him play every week, it came as a shock. The streamer had been to the end, taken on the nether, and fought some of the game’s most difficult mobs. The streamer himself was extremely shocked as he never predicted that his series would have ended because of a baby zombie, but he later went on to say that he is glad that his series ended in such a hilarious way.  Many fans asked him to discount this event and pick up from a last save, but he stated that this would not be true to what he set out to do at the start.

Apex Legends Showdown

If you are someone that loves competitive esports, then it is likely that you saw the Apex Legends tournament that took place last season. Apex is relatively new to the world of battle royale, so to be able to kickstart its introduction into the gaming world the creators hosted a tournament with a cash prize of a million dollars.

Hundreds of people took place in an epic team tournament that lasted over a week, and nobody could have predicted the ending. Team dynamite seemed to be the best bet in terms of who was going to take the cash prize as they were coming first in almost every game, however, this was not the case. The underdog Maguire team surprised everyone when they defeated team dynamite and stole the cash prize. What made this moment so momentous was the announcement made by Team Maguire which stated that they would donate half of their prize money to charity, which was matched by sponsoring companies.

If you aspire to be as good as the Maguire team then we recommend that you practice ahead of the next tournament, the esp cheat for apex legends makes things easier and so using this could improve your gameplay.

Ninja Breakdown

If you are someone that loves watching a good Twitch stream, then you have definitely stumbled onto one of Ninja’s streams at one point or another. Ninja is well known for his love of Fortnite, and he is one of the people that gave the game the popularity that it has today. Ninja is well known for how emotional he gets when he plays, and this was the case when he came second place during the tournament. He thought he was guaranteed a win when the game was ending as he was unable to locate the other player. As he was taking a second to reply to some of his stream comments, the person that he was looking for jumped out and killed him with a swift shotgun shot.

Typically, when you are playing in a competition and you lose, it is good etiquette to congratulate your fellow gamer and accept defeat with a bit of class. Ninja decided this is not what he was going to do, and he instead chose to have a complete breakdown and call the other player a cheat.

His fans and viewers did not appreciate how he reacted and decided that they would not allow him to get away with it, which resulted in Ninja quickly becoming a meme. He later apologized for his actions, but that does not mean that we will forget them any time soon.

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