Hollywood High Life: All the Accessories Sported by the Elite

When it comes to having the best style so many of us look to the celebrity elites for inspiration on our next outfits, with trends going as far as originating from social media posts from the most followed celebrities we have seen so many fashion choices going in and out of style according to what the most popular celebrities are pictured wearing. Top fashion icons dictate the world of fashion in such a way that it becomes so unpredictable and exciting to try and figure out what will be the next big thing to be trending.  

As fashion develops at such a rapid rate we have seen that accessories have become an important element to make up a stylish and iconic outfit. There are so many fashion items and clothing pieces that fall under the accessories category so you really have the opportunity to have some fun and find some unique pieces to spice up your wardrobe. As always the best inspiration on the most fashionable accessories can be found on the social media accounts of your favorite celebrities who have early access to upcoming releases and pieces that are fresh from the most high profile worldwide runaways and collections.  


Bags are both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any outfit, having the right bag can really enhance the way your outfit looks and can either be colorful or understated to complement the design and print of the other items of clothing that you are wearing. The great thing about buying bags is that even if you do not have the funds available to buy the real designer pieces many mainstream fashion retailers will redesign the original offering them at a much more affordable price. Having a bag when you are out is great as you can store your essential items without affecting the overall outfit with many collections of clothing not being truly complete without the final addition of a classy bag.  


Belts can be used to not only add a new color or texture to your outfit but can also help to alter the shape and fit of your clothing by bringing your waist in and separating the top and bottom half of your body. Belts can be found in a  range of different styles and sizes but as a general rule I would recommend that you do a smaller belt if you want to go for a subtle look, but if you want something that is going to really tighten the waist and bring in your outfit a large belt is a great way to achieve the more desirable hourglass shape. Belts are another fun opportunity to try something different with many unique and rather garish style options available on the market to really take your outfit to the next level and set yourself apart from everyone else and what they are wearing.  


If you are somebody who enjoys sleeker, more basically designed pieces of clothing, the jewelry that you choose to wear can really spice up the overall look and draw the eye in with some sparkle. Again jewelry can be on both ends of the spectrum in terms of cost so don’t be afraid to go for the cheaper costume pieces of jewelry if that is what your budget allows for as some of the cheaper pieces can look very realistic and classy without the need to spend a fortune. Adding a few jewels is a great way to finish off a look and when you are visiting a special event or occasion it can be just what you need to give your outfit a classy twist.  


Glasses do not have to be solely a functional item to be worn and in fact, the trite pair of glasses can really change the style of your overall look, many people are afraid of wearing glasses especially if it is not something you require to see. You could go for a standard clear pair or on th0ose days when the sun is out you may require a pair of shades to protect your eyes and make sure your look is summer-ready.  


A stranger accessory on this list that has been proven to be very popular amongst the elite celebs would have to be vapes and electronic cigarettes. As they continue to grow in popularity we have seen many people treat this item as a fashion piece or accessory to help finish off an outfit. The Posh Plus XL is a great vape model with stylish led lights and huge cloud capabilities to help give your pictures a stylish edge, of course, you should only use vapes if you are of legal age and it is important to remember how addictive the nicotine in E liquids is before you start using a product like this.  


The final accessory that you should consider implementing into your outfits if you want to mimic the high-end style of your favorite celebs would be hats, a nice hat can really add some volume and character to your overall look and in the summer when the sun is shining they can be useful in helping to keep the sun out of your face, as well as creating moody shadows and lighting on your summer pictures which I’m sure we can all agree is a great positive aspect of this fashion item.  




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