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How Does YouTube Always Know what to Show You

The Youtube search algorithm and recommended video section is something that has undergone much development over the years that this platform has been running, with many people growing uneasy about the information that is kept by websites like these. It is to be expected that questions are being raised about how the whole thing actually works. Having access to a range of videos that have been tailored to you based upon your watch history is in my opinion a very useful thing as it allows us to find videos that we may like without having to actually look for them ourselves.

If you are looking for sources that discuss the workings of Youtube’s data storage and what protection is available to you as a user then I would recommend reading this article describing how views are counted on youtube, as it is the views on a video and your own personal viewing history that provides the information needed for this service. If you do not like the idea of Youtube keeping hold of some of your data then you could remedy this by switching to a public account or by changing your privacy controls within your settings on the application.


Trending List

When you open Youtube on your devices you will notice that there is a section of videos that are all trending, these are not videos that have been tailored for you but are instead the most popular and most watched videos in the world. Based upon what everyone else is watching you will find some pretty good videos under this section and as this is general for and provided to everyone this service doesn’t require any of your personal information and history as it simply goes off what is popular with everyone. If you would rather just have access to this section rather than allowing Youtube access to your history you could just browse the videos using a public account which requires no login.


When you look at youtube and their competitors, Youtube is one of the only streaming sites to offer this option where people who have worries about the safety of their information can still access their content without having to sign up for an account, this feature shows the company has an understanding of people’s worries and that they are not going to exclude people based upon them.


Recommended Searches

When you enter Youtube and search for a video you will notice that many suggestions come up when you start typing the first few letters. In order to make things a bit more convenient for their users, Youtube added this feature to help people save time that would otherwise be spent searching through a  large library of content. Your search history will also affect your recommended videos by providing content from either the same creator or with the same theme and category to help people discover other creators who may be of interest to them.


Data Privacy

Overall, although these extra features are very useful it is worth noting that they wouldn’t be possible without allowing Youtube some access to your data. There are strict legal procedures in place however so you shouldn’t be too worried that your privacy is being invaded. If it still doesn’t sit right with you why not try one of the options we discussed before where you can just have a public profile rather than making your own personal account, with you can be sure that your private details are safe and that only your watch history is being used to calculate other potential videos for you.

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