Humorist Quotes that Can Make your day! What’s with the cellphone?

A quotation is a simple saying that describes a mindset, attitude, or way of life. A quote can be a feeling as well. Famous personalities worldwide have penned down their thoughts and opinions when it comes to certain things in life. However, what you need from life is a chance to be happy, humorous, and make others happy.

Did you know that a comedian spends half of this day laughing out loud so that he or she can make others laugh? This sounds funny. Today, you will come across different memes online that will make your belly hurt. Seriously, these quotes are funny enough to make you drool as well. One such quote that has attracted the attention of readers is-

“I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones… that’s why it’s called a “CELL” phone.”

Did you find it out already? This had the readers laugh. Although this quote is from an anonymous personality, it is funny enough. Let’s understand some funny interpretations behind this quote!

Your cell phone can drive you crazy!

The makers of the cellphone were not well-versed in their vocabulary. Well, this is the reality, or do you think it’s a joke? It rather isn’t! That’s why they termed this gadget as the cell phone. It might be that they failed to realize the comic meaning behind it. However, there are talented people out there, and you will laugh at the thought of your cellphone being a “prison phone”. If you are laughing secretly, you are not alone.

There are plenty of thoughts that you can club together to understand this comic line. People use their cell phones almost the entire day. From entertainment to conducting business and spending time on social media, your cell phone is a match made in heaven.

If you carefully look at the brighter side, humans are married to this gadget called the “cell phone”. Now you may ask how? Well, omitting the cell word, you literally cannot do without the 6-inch screen in front of you. This marriage is for life, and hence, you are imprisoned for life. Therefore, the “CELL” in a cellphone is justified! Period!

Examining the truth behind the quote:

Are you a prisoner of your phones? Well, you are! Today humans spend almost more than 10 hours a day on their cell phones. You are imprisoning yourself for almost 10 hours a day by staring at your screen or even completing your work. Comedians have come up with a nice phrase for this occasion:

“Remember the time when you had to press the number 7 four times just to get to the letter S?”

Do you even remember those days? Yes, you may be having tears in your eyes. Each of us has come a long way, and there is no doubt that the cellphone has to. The struggle was for real, and we feel it. Technology plays a big role here from the Nokia cellphones that helped you pass your time to the modern touchscreen cellphones.

Some comedians also speak of this truth, which is not to be taken seriously again:

“I bet that after 2000 years, when you dig deep the rubble of our destroyed earth, you will still find a Nokia phone still on half battery”.

What seriously? We are prisoners. We not only prison ourselves with the cellphones, but we cage the cellphone as well. With the modern cellphone caging you for hours to a confined space, let’s understand earlier cellphones’ old reality.

Distracting yourself from the present cellphones:

You will be happy to see that you are caged with a modern touchscreen cellphone. This prison seems so satisfying. Well, let’s take you back to a time when technology wasn’t the real answer.

“Imagine yourself quarantined, or having to spend your lockdown with a Nokia phone? What would have happened if there were a lockdown 20 years back?”

Did you get the joke here? Well, calling a cellphone a “CELL (prison)” phone, you would not have survived the lockdown with a Nokia phone. It seems impossible. Think of the anxiety you would have had? You would have had one option with you, which was to play snakes and ladders. Call yourself lucky that those days are gone, and new things are waiting for you!

Are you making fun of the prison?

It is a comic way of addressing the fact that the cellphones have caged you for life. Indeed you call it a blessing, don’t you? There are so many new activities to participate in, especially in the world of social media platforms. However, there is one aspect that seems more comic than the rest. “Are you making fun of real prisons?”. Well, the anonymous writer of this quote did not mean that. The writer made this quote to create an impact.

As individuals are too much involved in this technology prison, let’s not forget to spend time alone. Ditch this phone for a day, and come out of this prison, to enjoy things that you naturally have in your life. This is what most human beings have forgotten, and they wish to forget. But to save yourself from this life prison, you must take note of the things you are grateful for.

The hidden meaning:

Although this quote has a funny nature to it, let’s not forget the impact it can create. As we continue to imprison ourselves more and more, one aspect of life is shifting towards darkness. While the cellphone continues to create an impact, let’s not fall into its prison ever again. Although there is a necessity for this gadget, let’s pretend to enjoy the finer things in life.

Make the “CELL” phone, less of a stress today. You do not have to be in a “CELL” to use your cellphone.

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