Impact of Words By Influential People!

Reading books can broaden our perspective. It can give us knowledge that we might have thought was beyond our reach. Often writers make an impact through fictional and fantasy novellas that may look childish. But every good book leaves an impression that sometimes changes the reader’s life.

In the same way, quotes by many renowned people have often seemed to make an impact. It is why in most schools, the principal will start the assembly by quoting Mahatma Gandhi or Rabindranath Tagore. It is to start the morning with inspiring words and pushing the students to better in their academics.

What are the quotes by famous people?

Many times, people speak of things without even considering the effects of those words. Some people say something harsh, while some say something so meaningful that it gets buried deep into the listener’s mind. Quotes are like hidden gems, in a podcast, a book or music. What may seem like a meaningful quote to you may not look like to others. 

We also come across these powerful words through interviews or general statements. And yet sometimes we reflect on those quotes and think about our own lives. Most of these quotes have managed to inspire and motivate many. Usually, our attention goes to the impactful words that we need to here at the moment. If you are lacking love in life, your attention will be drawn to quotes regarding them. If you are lacking the motivation to work, you will notice the motivational words in an ordinary speech. It is how our brain works. Sometimes in life, we feel very demotivated and worthless. We secretly hope for an external force to come and make a change. In most times, this external force comes in the disguise of a powerful statement made by an influential being.

We lived in the era of Stephen Hawkins, Barrack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many more. Each one of them has said something so powerful that has made several young minds wonder. Their words were sewn with knowledge. This knowledge was built over years of facing hard circumstances and critical situations. These words felt like magic to young minds. These words are more impactful when it comes from someone who the general public can relate to. When we see someone just like, went through so many hardships and yet climbed the stairs of success without quitting, we get inspired. We feel like if they can get there so can we. It is more of a reason why school, other institutions or elders tells the young generation to read autobiographies or biographies. It is to learn from the hardship of other people.

Why do quotes make such an impact on our lives?

Humans are simple-minded creatures. Science has stated many times that our brain cannot deal with complicated situations. Hence it breaks down into a simple format and presents to us. In most cases, big solutions to our problems look complicated to us, but one quote just because of its simplicity ends up making the difference. 

Our elders suggest us to read books and watch interviews of famous people. So that we can learn something from them. The reason these quotes make such an impact in our life is that it is made by the people who have worked hard and truly outlived their fear. We listen to these quotes, and it motivates us to outlive ours as well. 

Usage of quotes in marketing

Many companies or brands use quotes of famous people as a marketing strategy. No matter what, people love one good quotation. They probably will not know who made the statement, but the powerful words will be enough to draw their attention. Many clothing companies use these quotes on their t-shirts. And people love wearing quotes. They feel like they are making and statement through fashion, which is true indeed. Even during protests, protestors write quotes of famous people on their boards. Now it depends on the situation which quotes should be used.

Sometimes you may find a variation of a famous quote in song lyrics. It was also a clever move by the lyricist to let the audience know that they have done their research about a particular famous person. These draw new fans who feel intrigued by the lyricist’s knowledge. After all, knowledge will always remain an attractive aspect.

How famous are these quotes? 

The fame of quotes has gone so far, that people even insert one on their Instagram post. Sometimes you may spot rising celebrities tweeting one certain quote and getting mass attention. 

When you quote a famous person, it means you agree with them. It means you have read their works or watched them. Using these quotes in your daily life, hinting about them in the right situation is a good way. Sometimes you can even win an argument with these quotes. 

Quotes as hobbies

Many people have a hobby of knowing quotes by famous people. Mainly, these people are associated with literature or philosophy. It is not that hard to find such quotes. When technological has made so far, and the internet has brought everything to our fingertips.

You can check on any of them via Goodreads. It is a website solely dedicated to book lovers and lover of wordplay. All you need to do is type down the name of the famous people or input one keyword, and you will get access to thousands of quotes. 

Many people maintain a diary full of quotes by famous people. They often say it encourages them during tough times. They keep them going when life becomes harsh to them. 

It is how powerful words can be. Just like a wrong sentence can hurt your sentiments and affect you badly, good words can build you up. It can give you courage in crucial times. Every person has a particular statement by a famous person that they hold dear. That quote might have changed their perspective or made a drastic change in their lives. 

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