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The 6 Highest-Earning Youtubers as of 2021

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is a very well-known figure in the Youtube creator industry and he has had a very long-lasting career full of controversy that seems to drive his success level even further. Crowder is most well known for his controversial videos surrounding the world’s biggest public issues and although he is not the most popular person when you think of Youtube stars, he is clearly doing something right as he has done so well with his time on the platform.


Due to his success, many people have been left wondering how much a controversial figure like Crowder makes. You need only look at the Edward Snowden net worth figures to see just how much controversial public figures tend to make. So it is no surprise Steen Crowder earns so much, especially given his large social media backing.

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes formally known as Pointless Blogs is another very successful YouTuber who specializes in creating family-friendly videos showing off their lavish lifestyle. Alfie has been a familiar face on the platform for many years now and he is one of the creators who actually started out being quite small until their career really took off.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is the partner of Alfie Deyes and they actually met at an event where they were both working under the Youtube name, like Alfie Zoe also works as a creator and she too has done very well for herself in building herself a nice career and net worth. Zoe’s videos are very relaxing in nature and they are aimed at young girls onwards with a variety of different types of content showing off her luxurious home, lifestyle as well as her favorite high-end beauty products that she simply cannot live without.

Preston Arsement

If you are a fan of gaming and watching gaming run-throughs then I would highly recommend that you check out Preston Arsement’s channel, he creates fun and friendly videos of the world’s best video games and his content are very reliable for when you are looking to be entertained. Thanks to his hard work in maintaining a respectable Youtube channel Preston is one of the most successful YouTubers within this genre of videos, seeing someone who is successful based upon the work they have put into something is a very refreshing thing to see.

Jeffree Star

The next Youtuber is one of the most successful public figures to come out of the industry and while he makes a lot of his money through the many other business ventures that he is involved with it could be argued that much of his success has come from his Youtube stardom. Jeffree Star started by creating his Youtube tutorials and from that, he has even gone so far that he now is the owner and CEO of his own makeup company. As well as many other properties and businesses under his belt, he now has an extremely high net worth that is unlikely to change.

James Charles

The beauty industry is full of very successful public figures that have strong ties to the makeup and beauty industry, James Charles is another one of these creators, and although he has a strong reputation for his controversy the success rate of his channel and the multiple brand deals that he has had the opportunity to do cannot be denied. James Charles is rarely out of the public eye and his beauty videos are viewed at such a high rate that not many other creators have, the fact that he is so successful at such a young age just shows how far he is expected to go further in his career.

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