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The Hottest LoL Streamers to Be Watching in 2021

League of Legends is a gaming phenomenon. And in recent years gaming has moved from the fringes of society to become one of the main forms of entertainment. Particularly in the form of streamers. Now that we have the technology that allows people to live-stream their faces and the games they are playing, a new form of entertainment has emerged and pushed TV and Films into the background. People are more likely to spend their time interacting with their fave streamer than watching a re-run of an old TV show.

So today we want to look at these two major phenomenons at random. League of Legends and streaming. Particularly looking at the best LoL streamers you should be watching. So let’s dive into it and see who made the cut.


Women in gaming have always been a force to be reckoned with. It is just a shame that, for many years, they were mistreated and put down as being inferior. But we know now that this was nothing more than fragile masculinity trying to avoid the fact that women gamers beat them 9 out of ten times. And KayPea is one of the prime examples of this.

She has shown us that the rewards for leveling up in 2021 for LoL are ten-fold as she has moved from bronze to diamond in record time. She constantly dominates the competition and has been short-listed for a few Pro Teams looking to expand their roster of expert players.


Being the best at a game is not a title that is easy to earn. Especially in a game as huge as LoL. The monolith has brought in one of the largest player bases ever seen. So to become the greatest Lol Player in the world is quite an achievement. And Faker is the proud owner of that achievement. By all metrics, he is the undeniable master of the game.

And you can watch a master at work. He live-streams casually ever now and then, goofing around and having fun. But most of the time he is streaming his ranked games where he continues to dominate his opponents time after time. Faker is one player you don’t want to be up against in your placement games. But if you had him on your side, you’d be guaranteed an easy victory.


A different kind of streamer, LS is less about high-skill plays and dominating the E-Sports scene. But rather LS is seen as the coach of LoL. He spends his time coming up with game-winning strategies and tactics. Studying the meta and finding new ways to beat it. And this can all be seen on his streams where he goes through ways to improve your skills and explains some of the tactics the major E-Sports teams use.

If you are a big fan of stepping up your gaming skill, LS is definitely the streamer for you! And he is pretty funny to boot.

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